THE WORLD AS I SEE IT. Photography by David Brodsky

The exhibit, entitled “The World As I See It” and presented by the Decatur Area Arts Council consists of works by David Brodsky, an internationally known award-winning graphic designer and photographer. Open from Nov. 1-26, 2018.

David's design aesthetic is evident. His photographs capture moments in which there seems to be a story, so many of the photos invite contemplation. – Sue Powell, Gallery Director for Decatur Area Arts Council


AMBIENCE, the Exhibition featuring David Brodsky, John Hayes, and Gary Beaumont. 

Each artist's work is full of atmosphere, but they employ three different methods. Brodsky's photography captures snapshots of human nature. His pieces transcend location and individuals to speak about broader universal truths. Hayes' abstract and landscape paintings use the power of color and design to touch the viewer. Each piece has a sense of calm and contrast at the same moment. Beaumont combines ceramics and painting in a series of large format abstract platters. The platters incorporate traditional ceramic glazes with drawing mediums incorporating the artists hand in a new way.

"Brodsky’s contributions to “Ambience” are typically striking black-and-white street scenes, filled with anxiety, humor and stillness, depending on the image. – Scott Faingold, Illinois Times


ART ST. LOUIS XXXIII, The Exhibition

My work "Midnight Jazz at Leoncini" will be presented in the Art Saint Louis Gallery November 11-December 21, 2017 at “Art St. Louis XXXIII, The Exhibition”. For this juried exhibit, there were 436 artworks submitted for consideration by 108 regional artists. From those entries, the juror selected 54 artworks by 52 artists.

On December 19th my photograph was sold. The gentleman who bought my work wrote: “I was drawn to the Midnight Jazz photo in the exhibit as it reminded me of a magical night about 15 years ago in a small jazz joint in Amsterdam. A friend and I were wandering around on a very cold and rainy night trying to find another place and just decided to stop in this random place to escape the blistering cold. Something about this place was just perfect for that moment - the warmth of the music, drinks, ambiance and local friendliness was somehow magical. I remember thinking the jazz felt like it was just "moving" around the small room, and when I saw this picture and read your description it took me back to that warm feeling in Amsterdam that night.”


PERCEPTIONS: Photographs by David Brodsky

December 2 – 23, 2017, Jacksonville, Illinois

 "One of the Springfield area’s most gifted and impressive artists is Ukraine-born photographer David Brodsky, whose current solo exhibition, “Perceptions,” at Jacksonville’s David Strawn Gallery, is not to be missed. Brodsky’s quasi-street photography often manages to somehow feel both uncannily candid and perfectly composed, quite an achievement in itself. This aesthetic mastery, combined with an innate sense of narrative (every picture quite literally tells a story, some funny, some eerie, some poignant, some all three) makes the treasure trove of images in “Perceptions” a joy to behold. The Strawn Gallery itself, an elegantly maintained multistory house donated in 1915 to the Jacksonville Art Association for use as a gallery, is worth the drive for those who haven’t had the pleasure."

– Scott Faingold, Illinois Times, 12.2017


A photography exhibition, presented by the Springfield Jewish Federation is on display at the Springfield Art Association in the M.G. Nelson Family Gallery. Featured photographers include David Brodsky Edward Haber, Howard Hammel, Steve Rambach & Melvin Taff.